Artist Series
The Cosmic Portal Collection
This Collection has been exclusively created by Jared Sylvia for Low Tide Thread Co. & features original designs brought to life by a unique collaboration! Journey into the fascinating realm of wonder created by Jared's art & pair it with the otherworldly comfort that's crafted into each snapback. The portal is open. Learn More about Jared Sylvia at
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A Collaboration designed from scratch

hand drawn art

Jared Sylva has carefully designed each piece in the Cosmic Portal Collection. His love for geometry & otherworldly inspirations has culminated in a truly unique set of designs.

The Process

Jared takes a creful approach to each texture, color, shape, & space when creating his original pieces. This collection shows off his love for organic design & aesthetic.

Where We Come In

By combining these incredibly unique pieces with our love for crafting orignal snapbacks, we've put together a collection we're very proud to offer. Durable, stylish, & original.

Featured Designs

004 "Skylla"

Full vintage cord with our signature 5mm rust sailor rope

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001 "Eye of the storm"

Full nylon fabric crown with 5mm with 5mm rust sailor rope

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Our Goal

The art of Function

The Cosmic Portal Collection was created out of the neccessity for art & functionality coming together to create a unique set of products.

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