Our Purpose
Live Comfortably Uncharted
Finding your way often comes with obstacles in the middle of your path. In fact, navigating life can often feel a lot like searching through shallow waters on low tide. While searching, you'll discover all the sandbars that arise to either slow you down or show you there's another way. your way. moving forward is the path to freedom & discovering adventures unknown.

it's your freedom to live life your way & captain your own ship in comfort during all seasons. We made the choice to create Low Tide Thread Co. while the currents of life were changing & we went all in on our passion & drive to create top-shelf apparel that's intentionally unique & handcrafted quality.
Small Batch
"Craft Threads"

Much like a master brewer, who takes the time to consider each individual ingredient or blend of hops for a craft beer, we strive to put that same effort into each of our products, which is where we came up with the phrase,

"Craft Threads."

We carefully select or craft each snap, tone, fabric, thread, ink, & design in such a way, that it feels like a finely tuned & refreshing craft beer. We are excited for you to take this journey of creativity with us & experience the "Craft Threads" difference. Cheers!

Designed for adventure

Push Forward & adjust your heading for the unknown