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We are unlocking the next level in 2024 with the expansion of both our Banshee & Outlaw line, as well as the introduction of the anticipated Voodoo Decks line. We can't wait to share our latest creations & show you a new side of the Low Tide Universe in 2024! Your Odyssey Awaits.

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As if it wasn't already cool enough, by joining the uncharted club, we'll randomly send out special promotions & discount codes as a thank you for joining us on this journey to the unknown!

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LTTC Design Lab

The Low Tide Thread Co. Design Lab is the heart of our relentless pursuit of innovation, where the concept of a limit is as alien as the next frontier. It's here that our passion for crafting the ultimate products comes to life, continually pushing boundaries to ensure Your Odyssey not only continues but thrives—Your Odyssey Awaits.

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LTTC Design Lab

May '24
Voodoo Decks

an otherworldly skate deck line that transforms our distinctive art into a dynamic ride. Available Now.

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